Zac Efron is The Lucky One

Hitting Blu-ray later this month is ‘The Lucky One’,  the romantic drama starring heart throb Zac Efron, adapted from the novel by Nicholas Sparks.

The Lucky One focuses on the touching story of a US Marine searching for a woman he has only seen in pictures he found on his third tour of duty in Iraq that he believes has brought him good luck. Tracking her down, he takes a job at her family run kennels and becomes involved in her life before a romance starts to blossom.

This high-definition Blu-ray edition contains unique behind-the-scenes special features which show the journey from book to film. These features include: ‘Watch the Sparks Fly – The romantic world of The Lucky One’ and ‘Zac Efron Becomes a Marine’.

For more details check out’s write up.

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