Warrior comes out swinging on Blu-ray

An image of Warrior on Blu-rayOne of 2011’s best reviewed films was Gavin O’ Connor’s Warrior, the bruising tale of two estranged brothers taking part in a mixed martial arts tournament. Starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, the film lands on Blu-ray Disc in February.

The action packed story centres around the ‘Sparta’ Tournament, in which the pair, both ex wrestling prodigies, end up unknowingly contending against each other. They are confronted not just with the brutal fighting conditions of the competition, but the reconciliation attempts of their reformed alcoholic father. The brothers are both forced to face up to the harrowing events which led to their broken family, whilst immersed in a gritty battle to be ‘the toughest man on the planet’.

As well as an enhanced viewing mode and audio commentary for the film, the BD boasts an exclusive ‘making of’ documentary, and deleted scenes. For those inspired by the characters’ sporting prowess there’s also a Mixed Martial Arts strategy feature, whilst the more light hearted will enjoy the gag reel full of bloopers.

More details are to be confirmed ahead of the release, but Blu-ray.com has the initial information and a trailer.

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