War Dogs hits Blu-ray on Boxing Day

Jonah Hill is back, starring in War Dogs, the comedy-drama based on a true story, which is being released on Blu-ray on Boxing Day. war-dogs

Hill stars alongside Miles Teller (best known for his roles in Whiplash and the Divergent trilogy), as two friends who learn about a little-known but lucrative government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on contracts for the U.S. Military. After a slow start, the two realise just how much money they could be making, and soon start to ramp up their activities, eventually landing a $300m deal with the Afghan military. Finding themselves surrounded by a number of shady people, the two soon realise that they might be in over their heads.

The film is directed by Todd Phillips, the man responsible for The Hangover trilogy, so you know you’re in for some laughs alongside the drama. The Blu-ray comes loaded with special features, including interviews with the director, cast and crew, a look at the story behind the film, and an exclusive cartoon.

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