Videociety – a new way to watch movies on a BD player

A brand new way to watch movies on BD players is coming to Europe. Videociety is a Pay-Per-View video delivery service from Enteractive that lets movie enthusiasts rent movies using BD-Live to stream content directly over the internet. This is an ideal way to combine the Blu-ray Disc and the BD-Live technology inside all Blu-ray players on the market today to give viewers even more choice.

The downloadable movies come in high quality video format with either Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo or 5.1 surround audio. It’s reported that the streaming is so fast that users can even start watching the movie as it’s downloading. All that will be needed to use the service is initial registration with Enteractive, selection of your favourite movies and creation of a playlist on your PC or mobile phone. Then just insert a Videociety enabled disc in your Blu-ray player, login and start streaming movies via a broadband connection.

The technology will be officially launched at Berlin’s IFA in September.


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