Ultra HD Blu-ray is coming…

This week we’ve launched a brand new interactive website, which explains some of the benefits of Ultra High-Definition Blu-ray, the new format being release next year.

Ultra HD Blu-ray supports four times as many pixels as Full HD TVs, and 27 times as many as standard definition. This means a big leap forward in the quality of image. Check it out for yourself:


The new format means a greater range of brighter, more vivid colours. Currently, full HD displays about 35% of the colours visible to the naked eye. Ultra HD will raise that number to 76% of the visible spectrum.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is also supported by UHD, meaning that high-contrast scenes are shown with much more clarity and contrast.


In order to hold the best quality movies, UHD Blu-rays offer dual layer 66 gigabyte and triple later 100 gigabyte discs, meaning there’s also much more room for those bonus supplements!


For more information, head over to www.UHDBDinnumbers.com. If you like the site, why not click here to share it with your friends?

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