Tron and Tron: Legacy directors discuss Blu-ray

US website Hero Complex recently attended a Tron extravaganza in New York. Writer Jay West was lucky enough to get a private audience with director of the original Steven Lisberger and director of its 2010 sequel Joseph Kosinski. Visual effects supervisor Eric Barba was also on hand to answer a mountain of questions, which included many on the newly released Blu-ray Disc versions of both movies.

Commenting on what they hoped viewers would enjoy about the BD experience, both directors discussed their original intentions and ambitions:

‘SL: The image quality is in a lot of ways closer to what I’ve always dreamed of and what Joe has dreamed of – the resolution, the contrast, the fact that it really feels like it’s an electronic world when you see the Blu-ray… I’m real happy about that.’

‘JK: With the technology we have now in our homes, in some ways, it exceeds the display of a movie screen.’

West also questioned their thoughts on the ‘Second Screen’ feature available on the Tron: Legacy BD which enables viewers to access behind the scenes content on iPads, laptops and desktop computers whilst watching the movie via a TV:

‘SL: I’m really happy about the interactive features. To see the great job that they’ve done in making Tron: Legacy as interactive as it is on the Blu-ray, it’s really cool. I’m blown away! I wish I had that on the first film.’

‘JK: For people who are interested in how these things are made, you get a taste of the amount of work that goes into each one of these shots. All the way from storyboard to final scene, you get to see how ideas and designs evolve, so I’m really impressed with the amount of material.’

For the full interview visit Hero Complex.

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