Trailer for Extended Lord of the Rings Blu-ray released

Last month we announced Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema are to release a limited edition Blu-ray Disc set of all three extended versions of the Lord of the Rings saga from 28th June. To tempt your Tolkien taste buds, Warner Brothers have also released a new trailer which you can check it out now on the official site.

Capturing one of the greatest cinematic adventures of all time, the promo for this 15 disc collection promises the most complete Lord of the Rings experience ever on Blu-ray. With three hours of extended and additional scenes, over 26 hours of extras and exclusive documentaries from filmmaker Costa Botes, fans of the trilogy will surely be counting down the days till they can become immersed in Middle Earth again.

For those unfamiliar with Botes’ work, he was famously given unprecedented access to the set of each production by director Peter Jackson. His footage provides an intimate backstage pass for audiences examining the challenges faced by cast and crew, as well as the camaraderie and humour during the filming of this most epic tale.

Sure to be one of the most comprehensive compilations ever released, the anticipation surrounding the release continues to grow online. The edition’s official Facebook page has now notched up over 4.5 million friends with thousands liking and commenting on each piece of news posted.

Check out Warner Brothers and Amazon for all the details.

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