Toy Story Trilogy lands on 3D Blu-ray

An image of the Toy Story 3D Collection on Blu-rayWoody, Buzz and the gang are set to go beyond infinity and enter a whole new dimension on 14th November when the Toy Story Trilogy lands on Blu-ray 3D in the UK.

With the voices of Tom Hanks (as Woody) and Tim Allen (as Buzz Lightyear), the Toy Story saga is renowned for its emotive storytelling, groundbreaking Pixar animation and is regarded by many as one of the most popular trilogies of all time – and now it’s back with a brand new lick of 3D paint.

Bonus features for Toy Story 3D include Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: Blast Off, Making Toy Story, Film makers Reflect and Deleted scenes & Design galleries to name a few.

Toy Story 2 3D boasts a plethora of extras too, such as Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: International Space Station, Making Toy Story 2, Toy Box: Outtakes & Alternate Scenes and three Animated Studio Stories.

Lastly, Toy Story 3 3D includes bonus materials such as Toy Story Trivia Dash, Cine-Explore, Beginnings: Setting a Story in Motion, Bonnies Playtime, Beyond the Toy Box: An Alternative Commentary Track and Paths to Pixar: Editorial.

Sound like fun? We think so – visit for more info.

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