Toshiba joins the Blu-ray Disc Association

You may have seen reports earlier this month on Toshiba’s decision to support the Blu-ray format. The move was driven by market demand from both consumers and retailers, which is a great indicator of the industry’s current good health.

In a statement, Niels Leibbrandt, chairman of the BDA’s European Promotions Committee, said:

We are very happy Toshiba will be joining the Blu-ray Disc Association and are looking forward to adding its consumer electronics devices, including Blu-ray Disc players and notebook PCs integrating BD drives, to the already extensive line of Blu-ray Disc products on the market. Their joining the BDA as a contributing member is not only great for the format but for consumers as well. Toshiba’s joining the BDA is a testament to the global success the format has gained since its inception with consumers and as Toshiba mentioned in their press release, the main drivers for them joining the BDA were the growth in the Blu-ray Disc market, combined with consumer and retailer demand.

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