The Universe in 3D coming soon to your living room on Blu-ray

Lionsgate Home Entertainment is inviting you to explore outer space with the launch of The Universe in 3D: A Whole New Dimension on Blu-ray from the 14th January.


This cutting edge series will bring you right into the heart of some of the most fascinating developments in our universe using the latest NASA clips, CGI footage and augmented surround sound in Blu-ray 3D. The cosmic voyage kicks off in Crash Landing on Mars, which tests whether humans could survive the dust storms and space radiation on the red planet. The series will also take you back in time to the Worst Days on Planet Earth, recreating the chaos and destruction that shaped this planet. The Blu-ray will bring you face to face with the volcanic eruptions and asteroid collisions that shaped the planet. In the final episode on the Blu-ray, God and the Universe, physicists and theologians discuss whether the miracle of lifeproves the existence of a master creator, or if everything can simply be explained by the laws of physics.


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