The Revenant set for Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray release

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing the Oscar-winning The Revenant on Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray, in the US on April 19th. The rest of the world is expected to follow shortly after.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Hugh Glass – a role which finally won him an Oscar – a legendary explorer who is left The Revenantfor dead by his team after a vicious bear attack. Driven by revenge, Glass survives, embarking on a 200-mile journey through the vast, frozen wastelands of the West on the hunt for the man who betrayed him.

The Revenant was undoubtedly one of the best looking films of 2015, picking up an Academy Award for its cinematography. This is great news for fans of the film, as you will be able to own it on the new UHD Blu-ray format. For more information about why this is such a good thing, head to

Full details about the extras that come with The Revenant are yet to be released, but we do know that it will come with a documentary about the story.

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