The Muppets lands on Blu-ray


The global box office smash and Oscar winning movie, The Muppets will be available on Blu-ray throughout Europe over the next few weeks.

Kermit, Miss. Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal and the gang along with a host of other familiar faces such as Jack Black, Whoopi Goldberg and Emily Blunt, star in this timeless family classic. It also comes with a plethora of bonus features such as The Piggy With The Froggy Tattoo, a blooper reel and a whole host of deleted scenes.

“Blu-ray is a great way to bring the Muppets into your home without having to worry about cleaning up after us,” said Kermit the Frog, “And the behind-the-scenes extras are a revealing tell-all look at what it took to bring our movie to the big screen. It’s a must-see for fans of bloopers, flubs and slip-ups – which pretty much describes our act.”

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