The Magnificent Seven Shoots onto Blu-ray

magnificent-sevenThe Magnificent Seven, the remake of the 1960s western classic, will land on Blu-ray on 31st December.

Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Haley Bennett star in this movie about the sleepy town of Rose Creek, which is under the deadly control of a ruthless industrialist called Bartholomew Bogue. Becoming increasingly desperate, the townsfolk hire seven ruthless outlaws, mercenaries, gamblers and guns-for-hire to protect their beloved home. However, as the seven begin to prepare the town for the showdown they know is coming, it soon becomes clear that they’re fighting for more than money.

We’re still waiting for more information on the special features, but we do know that The Magnificent Seven will also be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. For more information about the new format, head to

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