The Green Lantern flies onto Blu-ray

Warner Brothers has announced it will release two versions of the action packed superhero flick Green Lantern throughout Europe on Blu-ray Disc come 17th October. The first will soar onto a 3D combo pack with BD3D copy of the theatrical release and BD, DVD and Digital copy of an extended cut not released in cinemas. The second will arrive in a Triple Play pack comprising of a BD, DVD and Digital copy of the theatrical version.

Starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell, this adaptation of the DC comic classic packs a serious punch in the fantasy stakes. Reynolds stars as aircraft test pilot Hal Jordan who unwittingly becomes embroiled in the world of the Green Lantern Corps.

The BDs from both packs will include a number of exclusive features such as a technical look at the special effects including the creation of Reynolds’ crime fighting suit as well as deleted scenes, a preview of the animated series and featurette ‘The Universe According to Green Lantern’ looking at the creation of an intergalactic set. Both BDs also come with Maximum Movie Mode and BD-Live functionality.

Check out the full story at In the meantime we’ve also included the trailer below for you to enjoy.

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