The Girl With All The Gifts set for Blu-ray

Touted as “the best zombie movie since 28 Days Later” by The Radio Times, The Girl With All The Gifts will be working its way to Blu-ray on 23rd January.

girl-with-all-the-giftsSet in a post-apocalyptic Britain, The Girl With All The Gifts follows the survival story of a teacher and scientist. After they discover a little girl who appears to be immune to the virus which has turned the rest of humanity into flesh-easting zombies, they escape from their compound with the help of a soldier, Sgt. Eddie Parks. During this journey, the little girl, Melanie, must come to terms with exactly how special she really is.

Starring Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and Glenn Close, The Girl With All The Gifts is a must-watch for zombie fans.

We still don’t know what special features will be included, but we do know that the Blu-ray will come with exclusive never-before-seen footage.

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