Survivor pursues Blu-ray

SurvivorPierce Brosnan is running around a city with a gun again. Except this time he’s a deadly assassin, nicknamed ‘The Watchmaker’, as opposed to a suave MI5 agent on a mission to save the British establishment.

Pierce is hunting down Katie Abbott (Milla Jovovich), a Foreign Service officer tasked with flagging visa applications to ensure terrorists don’t get into the country legally. Unfortunately all her colleagues are killed in a restaurant by a bomb. Katie is the only survivor and therefore, the ‘Watchmaker’s’ target.

The film boasts a stellar cast, including Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett and James D’Arcy. Director James McTeigue, who cut his teeth with the Wachowski siblings, certainly knows how to capture stylish action and it’s great to see him paired with Jovovich.

For any fans of the Brosnan Bond era, this is nostalgic escapism on Blu-ray. Survivor is available now in the US, with a European release date to be confirmed.

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