Super 8 arrives on Blu-ray

An image of Super 8 on Blu-raySteven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams’ alien disaster movie Super 8 is set to excite fans all over again when it touches down on Blu-ray Disc with a whole host of special features on December 12th.

This extraordinary tale of youth, mystery and adventure follows six friends who accidentally film a train crash only to discover something unimaginable escaped in the wreckage. Starring newcomers Joel Courtney as Joe and Elle Fanning as Alice, this monster box office hit takes the combined talents of Spielberg and Abrams to new heights, creating a film that’s as fun as The Goonies and as touching as ET.

A recent review of the US release on is bound to have European fans counting down the days ‘til its release, with the reviewer describing the sound and picture quality of the BD as ‘perfect’ and ‘the stuff of Blu-ray legend’.

So what can fans this side of the Atlantic expect?

The Triple Play pack arrives with bonus content including audio commentaries, a look at casting the film’s new faces as well as documentaries on the production and set design including a detailed segment on the all important train crash. Featurettes on special effects, stunts, filming techniques, cinematography and bags of insight from Abrams complete the pack as he discusses his own childhood love of filmmaking and the parallels between his youth and elements of the film.

Check out for a full list of features and for the American BD review. We’ve included the trailer below for you to enjoy too!

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