Sony reveals its latest Blu-ray home cinema system

Sony treated Blu-ray fans recently when they announced the release of their new home cinema systems – the BDV-EF200, BDV-L600 and its flagship model the BDP-S780. The latter even comes with a range topping Blu-ray player which has Advanced IP Content Noise Reduction Pro technology, a Super Bit Mapping and is Skype enabled.

Each will come equipped with Bravia Internet Video which allows viewers to browse popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Lovefilm.

They also offer S-Force Pro 3D virtual surround sound and IP Noise Reduction technology which gives impressively sharp images, even from internet content and does away with unsightly wires. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, each player packs two HDMI ports, an iPod/iPhone dock and the ability to be controlled by an Android or Apple iOS device.

With all this a night in front of the TV could be just like a trip to the movies. Tech Radar has the full run down here.

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