Scream trilogy coming to Blu-ray

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Whatever happens, don’t pick up the phone‚Ķ

With Scream 4 slashing its way back to the box office this summer, Lionsgate has announced timely plans to bring the original trio of films to life on Blu-ray Disc from April.

A genre re-defining take on the classic ‘whodunnit’ narrative, ‘Scream’ rewrote the rule book for teen horror movies in the 90s, catapulting its fledgling cast, including Neve Campbell, Rose McGowan, Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich, to fame and fortune.

Packaging in as much humour as horror, all three films from Wes Craven follow Sidney Prescott (Campbell) as she fights her way through a variety of attempts against her life from a killer wearing a mask inspired by Edvard Munch’s infamous ‘The Scream’ painting.

Bonus material for all the BDs includes audio commentary from Craven, while ‘Scream’ has a production featurette, Q&A with the cast and bonus feature ‘On the set of Scream with Drew Barrymore’. ‘Scream 2’ will feature bonus material including deleted scenes, with optional commentary from Craven and numerous outtakes, while ‘Scream 3’ has an alternative ending and a behind the scenes montage.

Highdefdisc has the full story.

Are you looking forward the fourth installment this summer? To whet your appetite we’ve included the trailer. Enjoy!


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