Scandinavian BD certification scheme helps retailers improve tech knowledge

For the uninitiated, or those unfamiliar with technology, the world of HD and Blu-ray Disc can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important that retailers themselves understand all the technical terms associated with HD and BD, so they can educate their customers and let them make informed decisions.

In Sweden, the Blu-ray Forum and the HDTV Forum teamed up with the local electronics association to create a new joint certification program for retailers, which tests participants on their technical knowledge. Successful entrants receive a badge and door sticker for their store, giving customers greater confidence in their staff.

The certification programme was launched in June and has so far been a great success, with a wide range of retailers lining up to take part. So far, over 300 retail stores and 1,000 sales reps have been certified and it is hoped that 1,500 sales reps can be successfully trained by the end of October.

After phase one is completed, a second phase will be rolled out to the other Scandinavian countries, starting with Denmark.

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