It’s not just us – Ridley Scott loves Blu-ray too!

An image of Ridley ScottThis week Blu-ray received incredible support from the highest sphere of Hollywood royalty – Ridley Scott. In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Scott argues that movies are still best watched in the place they were created for, the cinema, but believes that Blu-rays top the list of home entertainment formats.

“The technically sophisticated Blu-ray Disc, of which I’ve been a supporter since its inception, is the closest we’ve come to replicating the best theatrical viewing experience I’ve ever seen. It allows us to present in a person’s living room films in their original form with proper colours, aspect ratio, sound quality, and, perhaps most importantly, startling clarity.”

He also spoke out against the idea that the physical format is on the way out:

“…it has never made sense to me that those preoccupied with how movies are delivered have for years written off “physical media” (i.e., movies on discs) as “dead” even though the evidence shows it isn’t happening and won’t for years to come…. Granted, the older DVD technology is phasing out. But it is yielding to the Blu-ray just as videocassettes once gave way to the technically superior DVD.”

So what does Ridley envisage for the future?

“Pundits aside, Blu-ray for the foreseeable future remains the finest technology to preserve the impact and enjoyment of watching movies at home.”

There you have it! You know you’re on the right track when the man who brought you Gladiator and Black Hawk Down is singing your praises.

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