Review flies sky high for The Superman Anthology

The movie gurus over at recently reviewed The Superman Anthology and lavished praise on the collection for the sheer breadth and quality of content on offer.

Sitting back to review the complete set disc by disc, passed judgement on each film and the supporting bonus features. Including all four classic movies starring Christopher Reeve as well as Superman Returns from 2006 starring Brandon Routh, the eight disc collection was met with resounding positivity.

Encapsulating everything we love about the Man of Steel, the reviewer points out the first movie ‘remains to this day the final word on comic book adaptations.’

So what’s the verdict?

“All eight discs feature superb sound and image quality… the menus make reaching the well-balanced supporting features a breeze… you couldn’t ask for a better collection to sit on your shelf.”

“The Superman Anthology delivers a sharp, classy look at one of pop culture’s most beloved icons… any fan worth his super salt absolutely needs it in his collection.”

Rather befitting of what’s often considered the best superhero franchise of all time!

Click here for the full review.

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