Rango review rides high on Blu-ray

Last month we revealed that Rango would be riding into town on Blu-ray Disc. Ahead of its UK release on July 25th, the film fanatics at Cinemablend have taken the disc for a spin and given their verdict.

One of the key features of the Blu-ray they’re quick to point out is the ‘stellar’ extras that it has to offer. One of these, the alternative ending, impressed them so much they actually preferred it to the one in the movie!

Other extras that get a good write up are behind the scenes features on the storyboarding process, cast and crew, a documentary on the ‘Real Creatures of Dirt’ and the ‘Interactive Trip to Dirt’ which allows users to click around the town from the movie and learn about the different shops and characters that populate it.

They also had some praise for the Blu-ray’s picture quality:

“The picture from the Blu-ray disc is magnificent. It’s worth every penny of your hard earned buck. Pick it up”.

Overall verdict for the disc? 5/5 – it doesn’t come much better than that!

If you’re looking for a new addition to your Blu-ray collection, why not check out the full Cinemablend review here.

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