Predator returns to Blu-ray Disc with Ultimate Hunter Edition

Predator Blu-ray Disc

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Back in 1987, the director of Predator, John McTierman always recognised the importance of quality sound design and visuals effects. The spine-chilling noise of the Predator itself combined with its fearsome stature and gruesome jaws made it one of the most deadly antagonists of the 80s.

To mark the cinematic release of the sequel ‘Predators’, ‘Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition’is now available to all on Blu-ray Disc. With an all-new HD Transfer and a DTS-HD Master Audio track, the Blu-ray edition shows the Predator in its most menacing form yet!

Packed with special features including a new retrospective documentary ‘Predator: Evolution of a Species – Hunters of Extreme Perfection’and a new sneek peek at the new Predators it offers hours of entertainment whilst providing the perfect introduction to Robert Rodriguez new blockbuster.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition is out now. To order your copy, please click here.

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