Platoon given a new lease of life on Blu-ray

According to a recent review by Twitchfilm the newly released Blu-ray Disc version of Oliver Stone’s Platoon has to be seen to be believed. Often considered the most accurate portrait of the Vietnam War ever committed to film, the freshness of the Blu-ray transfer breathes new life into this age old story of life and death in a warzone.

Following the journey of volunteer officer Chris Taylor (played by Charlie Sheen), Platoon follows the trials of his company which include some of the big screen’s finest actors such as Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker.

Twitchfilm complement the BD’s ‘exquisite’ picture quality and point out the re-mastering is about as good as it gets:

“Platoon has never looked better, and probably won’t look any better in the future.”

Particular extras worth noting include the director’s commentary, which sheds light on just how much of the film grew from his own experiences of the conflict:

“Stone’s commentary glides between reminiscences of his own experiences, stories about the production and on-set anecdotes to simply narrating the action in his own impassioned manner. It makes for wonderful viewing.”

The conclusion?

“Fans of Platoon should find everything in this package they could ever wish for. The film is presented better than it has ever been seen and with a huge array of supplemental material… If you have yet to add this seminal Vietnam War film to your collection then now is the perfect time to do so.”

Sounds pretty convincing to us. Click here for the full review.

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