Philips showcases new BD players at IFA 2009

At its IFA press conference this morning, Philips unveiled a new range of BD players, including a new SoundBar model and several full home theatre systems.

Here are details on the SoundBar from the press release:

For design conscious consumers who demand superior sound and picture, Philips SoundBar with Ambisound is the right choice. The new Philips SoundBar with Ambisound incorporates a complete home theatre system, with integrated high definition Blu-ray Disc playback for sharp images in full HD 1080p and an optional dock for iPod in a single unit. This means you can now enjoy all your entertainment in high definition surround sound and Blu-ray Disc picture quality without having multiple speakers.

And here are details on the top of range Philips HTS7540 full home cinema system:

For consumers with more space, the Philips’range of home theatre systems offers the best-in-class listening experience combined with high definition Blu-ray Disc playback.

The new Philips Home Theater HTS7540 is a 5.1 system which delivers high definition pictures and surround sound in a stylish design with a high quality aluminium metal finishing.

With its four floor standing pillars, magnetically shielded centre speaker, and the 8 high efficiency subwoofer, the system is truly designed to deliver best-in-class audio quality for all kinds of contents.

The other models in the range come with the same high-quality audio features but smaller set ups.

T3 has posted a round-up of announcements from the Philips press conference here.

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