Pete’s Dragon set to fly onto Blu-ray

It’s been a great year for Disney, and the fun isn’t over yet, as Pete’s Dragon is set to fly onto Blu-ray on December 5th, just in time for Christmas.petes-dragon

Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard star in this heart-warming story about Pete, a young orphan who’s found wandering the forest alone. The forest’s warden, Grace (Howard), takes the boy into her care. When she asks how he’s survived for so long by himself, he says that he had help from his best friend Elliot. However, as it turns out, Elliot is no normal best friend: he’s a dragon.

Pete’s Dragon is a remake of the 1977 classic musical animation of the same name. The updated version comes with a number of fire-breathing special features, including a director’s diary, a making-of documentary, and a look at the film’s beautiful setting in New Zealand.

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