Penguins of Madagascar toboggan their way onto Blu-ray

PenguinsPenguins of Madagascar is a spin-off of the much loved Madagascar film series, and takes place right after the events of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private – super-cute-super-spies team up with the elite North Wind team to save the world.

Not only is the animation impressive, even more so on Blu-ray (the penguin’s waddle has been captured beautifully) but the film also features the dulcet tones of John Malkovich, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ken Jeong.

Penguins of Madagascar is available on Blu-ray from March 17th. And for a limited time you can bag two hopping penguin toys with the DreamWorks’ Penguins of Madagascar Easter DVD and Blu-ray pack. has a full list of special features, which include a Madagascar Mash (a compilation of the Madagascar films) and the Cheezy Dibbles Ad.

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