Passengers arriving on Blu-ray & Ultra HD Blu-ray

PassengerOne of last year’s biggest sci-fi hits, Passengers, has finally got a release date, with the Blu-ray hitting shelves on 8th May.

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star as Jim Preston and Aurora Lane – two passengers on board the Starship Avalon, who wake from hibernation early following a system malfunction. Still 90 years away from their destination, Lane and Preston realise that they face living the rest of their lives with just each other for company.

As the two begin to develop feelings for each other, it soon becomes clear that there’s more at stake than they first thought. With the ship in grave danger, they must put aside their feelings and work together to save the 5,000 other souls still sleeping on board.

It’s still too early to list special features, but we do know that the film will also be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray. To learn more about Ultra HD Blu-ray and its benefits, visit

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