Paranormal Activity 4 to haunt Blu-ray from January

It’s been confirmed that the fourth film in the record-breaking, found-footage horror franchise, Paranormal Activity, will be available on Blu-ray from late January.

Paranormal Activity 4 is set five years on from the events of the first two movies, after the mysterious disappearance of Katie and Hunter. In this sequel, a suburban family witness peculiar events in their neighbourhood after a woman and her mysterious child move in.  The found footage begins to document the eerie happenings in their family home as their curious and creepy neighbours begin to infiltrate their surroundings.

The Blu-ray disc, available in a combo pack with DVD and UltraViolet copy, will include “The Recovered Files”—nearly 30 minutes of exclusive footage not shown at the cinema.

For more information, head over to IGN.

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