Paranormal Activity 3 set to scare on Blu-ray

An image of Paranormal Activity 3 on Blu-rayFright fans be warned, the third part in the chilling Paranormal Activity franchise is hitting Blu-ray Disc this February.

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and set 18 years before the previous two films, it follows the spooky goings on surrounding sisters Katie and Kristi. As young girls with a seemingly idyllic upbringing, the loving family home soon becomes a maze of terror as supernatural disturbances and bumps in the night bring the family to their knees.

The BD includes two versions of the film, an 83 minute theatrical version and all new 93-minute extended Directors Cut, alongside bonus footage in a ‘Lost Tapes’ featurette.

Visit for all the gossip and just for you scare junkies out there, we’ve included the trailer below. Enjoy!

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