Our Top Ten Blu-ray Discs for Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, what better way is there to celebrate than with a cosy night in with your loved one? With this in mind, we’ve selected our top ten romantic films for you to enjoy, which are all available now in stunning high definition.

Romeo + Juliet (20th Century Fox)

Enjoy a classic love story this year: Baz Luhrmann’s adaption of Shakespeare’s timeless tale of the two star-crossed lovers is a perfect accompaniment to any Valentine’s Day. Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes’ on screen chemistry is electrifying in this commercially and critically lauded film.

Mamma Mia (Universal)

Make a song and dance of your loved ones with the light-hearted classic Mamma Mia. A celebration of family, friends and loves old and new, this film has something for romantics everywhere.

Valentine’s Day (Warner Bros)

Is there any better occasion to watch Valentine’s Day than Valentine’s Day itself? Experience a day in the life of love with this huge ensemble cast to get you in the romantic spirit. Starring Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher and many more, this Blu-ray has a mixture of love stories better than any box of chocolates.

One Day (Universal)

Laugh and cry at this big screen version of one of the most loved books in recent times. A life-long romantic tale that men and women alike will be drawn to, One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, will move even the most sceptical of hearts.

Crazy Stupid Love (Warner Bros)

Get caught up in the three generations of love stories in this enchanting, light comedy of romantic confusion. Both funnyman Steve Carell and heart-throb Ryan Gosling are in fine comedic form in this enchanting rom-com.

Bridesmaids (Universal)

Avoid the clichés this year and take home Bridesmaids instead of a bunch of roses. This hilarious hit comedy shows a darker side to love and its effects on all those involved – but with a happy ending, of course.

Casablanca (Warner Bros)

Golden age Hollywood at its finest, Michael Curtiz directs a tale of love and virtue for those romantics who want to add a bit of drama to their day. The Blu-ray is re-mastered in glorious HD so you can see the classic in the best possible light.

It’s Complicated (Universal)

Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin provide something for the more mature romantics in this wholesome comedy about a divorced couple who enter into an unexpected affair. An amusing and indulgent story of marriage, divorce and everything in between, this Blu-ray won’t disappoint.

Friends with Benefits (Sony)

The perfect film to spice up your Valentine’s Day, Friends with Benefits is the sizzling story of Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) – two friends who attempt a purely physical relationship, but end up learning that love always triumphs in the end. If you fancy humour along with some heart, this could be the one for you.

Cleopatra (20th Century Fox)

Why not have a glamorous and seductive evening with Cleopatra? Re-mastered in stunning HD so you can see the Egyptian queen (Elizabeth Taylor) like never before, this Blu-ray follows Cleopatra’s triumphs and tragedies with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. The film was also where Taylor and co-star Richard Burton began their epic, off-screen romance.

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