Olympus Has Fallen onto Blu-ray

Action fans were given something to look forward to this week, when the release date for US epic national disaster movie Olympus Has Fallen was confirmed to hit Blu-ray on August 13th.

Starring Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart the movie picks up as the President (Secret Service Code Name; Olympus) finds himself at the centre of a kidnapping operation. The President’s only chance for survival rests on Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), a disgraced former security guard, who must use his insider knowledge to rescue him after he is trapped in the same building.

The Blu-ray version is set to feature some exclusive bonus materials, looking at how the crew were able to bring the action to life through special effects and set design. In addition, there will also be a glimpse behind the scenes with insider clips on recreating the ground combat and bloopers.

For more information check out CinemaBlend.com.

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