Now is the perfect time for Blu-ray in Germany

Thilo Röhrig, chairman of the Blu-ray Group Germany, has used recent market statistics to underline why there has never been a better time for German consumers to make the jump to Blu-ray.

Hardware manufacturers sold four times as many Blu-ray Disc players in Germany in 2009 than they did in 2008, with Futuresource Consulting expecting further growth this year. Falling prices have also played a major role in the expansion of the market and the growth in the format’s popularity. Blu-ray players and discs are so affordable now that the investment is worth it for anyone who enjoys movies, said R√∂hrig. With prices starting at ‚Ǩ100, nobody need buy outdated technology anymore.

Sales of discs have also increased as prices have fallen. According to BVV Medien, the average price of a Blu-ray Disc in Germany in 2009 was €19, 25 percent lower than the average in the previous year. Demand for Blu-ray Discs reached a new dimension in 2009, continues Röhrig. 6.2 million discs sold represents an increase of 274 percent compared to 2008.

You can hear more from Thilo Röhrig in the German language press release.

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