Next generation consoles to support Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs

Last week’s E3 conference was a treasure trove for gaming fans, with plenty of announcements to whet the appetite of every gamer around the world. But film fans weren’t left out, with the most exciting news being that the new Xbox will include Ultra HD Blu-ray capability.

The new Xbox – known as Xbox One S – will begin shipping in August for around $299 in the US (European pricing is still TBC) which makes it one of the best-value UHD Blu-ray players on the market.

Sony PlayStation fans also have a reason to be excited, after the company announced plans for its PlayStation Neo, which is also set to have 4K video capacity. Although it’s not been confirmed, it is very likely that the console will also ship with UHD Blu-ray support.Xbox-vs-PlayStation

The launch of both consoles marks a big step in the growth of the new format, which offers four times the resolution of current Blu-ray Discs, and offers support for exciting new features such as High Dynamic Range and higher frame rates.

So if you’ve got a UHD-ready TV, and want to be able to play the latest games alongside the most up-to-date movies in the best quality possible, you might want to consider getting your hands on one of these!

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