Monsters storms onto Blu-ray

Blowing all recent big budget monster movies out the water, Monsters has arrived on Blu-ray Disc to a wave of critical acclaim with film website Obssessed with Film (OwF) having hailed it as ‘an instant cult classic’ in their recent review.

Set in the present day, a probe containing alien life forms crash lands in the Gulf of Mexico. Six years on, the alien species have mutated and now dominate the area known as the ‘infected zone’. Photographer Andrew (Scoot McNairy) unwillingly takes on the task of transporting his boss’ rebellious daughter Samantha (Whitney Able) back to America only to have their passports stolen, leaving only one possible route home.

So what does this beast of a BD bring to the table that so many others haven’t? For a start, OwF lays to rest any concerns that Gareth Edwards’ film, made entirely on a £310,000 budget, would transfer poorly to high definition:

‘Monsters is one of the best examples of how Blu-ray can enhance a movie’s qualities… the transfer makes it look like something that was produced for ten times its budget. The sound is even more impressive and fully embraces the potential of the 7.1 transfer.’

And what about the extras on offer? OwF’s reviewer describes the audio commentary as ‘one of the best I’ve ever heard’, while a feature-length making-of documentary takes viewers on an intimate and revealing journey through the project’s development, from storyboard to editing suite.

So what’s the overall verdict?

‘For the technology and budget, this is nothing short of mind blowing. This is an example of a low budget movie really embracing the potential of all facets of Blu-ray.’

Convinced? We certainly are!

Check out the full story here. We’ve included the trailer below. Enjoy!

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