Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray Reviewed

In March we brought you the announcement… In April we gave you an exclusive look at the trailer… And now we’re giving you a sneak peak of exactly what you can expect from the new Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray, courtesy of Collider.com.

Promising the most complete Lord of the Rings experience ever, Collider.com embarked upon a complete review of the giant collection which hit stores around Europe this week.

So how does this new Extended Edition compare with previous cuts? Collider.com tackles that question from the very start:

“The extended editions are that much longer that you get to really sink into the characters… little things – like the magical powers of the gifts the Elves give the Fellowship – add up to a stronger film.”

Described as ‘immaculate looking’ and ‘spotless’ the picture quality across all three movies is universally praised:

“I found myself noticing sweat and the texture of paper – all the little things that pop with a great transfer… The sense of scale here is unparalleled… There’s quite literally nothing like it.”

What about the extensive extras on offer? Those spread across the fifteen discs make a real impression and certainly make getting under the skin of this remarkable trilogy relatively easy:

“What may be most amazing about this series — aside from the CGI effects, the compelling characters, the fabulous performances, the beautiful New Zealand landscape and the sheer spectacle of it all – is the fact it’s captured in immense detail throughout the extras.”

So the overall verdict?

“This Blu-ray set details the visionary work of a master director and a painstaking decade-long cinematic journey that may never be equalled. Impressive.”

Click here to check out the full review and here to see the first images from the eagerly anticipated prequel The Hobbit.

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