Legend of the Guardians flies high on Blu-ray

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is making a huge impression on Blu-ray Disc. The movie gurus at Obssessed with Film (OwF) praised the picture quality of this animated fantasy as ‘Unbe-Goddamn-lievably good’ in a recent review.

Starring the vocal talents of Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill and Helen Mirren, this family adventure follows young owl Soren, who dreams of joining a mythical band of winged warriors. However when his jealous brother Kludd acts out, a series of events lead the whole community into the talons of an evil trap forcing Soren to act on his dreams of being a hero for real.

So what makes this BD so special? OwF’s reviewer has particular praise for the stunning transfer and image quality:

“It’s breath-taking in parts… Exceptional. The animation lends itself perfectly to high-definition, and Warner Bros have excelled themselves here with what is a stunning transfer…Colours are universally bright and vibrant, the contrast is excellent and black levels are immaculate, and I can’t think of many better examples of what a high-definition transfer can do.”

Audio gets a similar review, so if you’re looking for something to show off your surround sound system to friends, this may well be the BD for you:

“David Hirschfelder‘s score is stunningly transferred without the merest suggestion of any blemish. Seriously, it sounds great, and is about as immersive as is possible with surround channels seemingly always in use throughout the film. Beautifully rendered and extraordinarily good.”

So the overall verdict?

“A good package and an incredible transfer. Highly recommended.”

Click here to read the full review. We’ve also included the trailer below for you. Enjoy!

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