Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman on Blu-ray!

In a move sure to delight superhero fans of all ages, Warner Brothers has announced plans to release all five Superman movies on Blu-ray Disc this summer. Comic book fans and film lovers alike will be able to take home the eight disc Superman Motion Picture Anthology, which includes all four movies starring Christopher Reeve, as well as Superman Returns from 2006 starring Brandon Routh.

We’re sure most of you are well aware of the super-human saga, but for those set to discover the hero on BD for the first time, lets just say there’s more to bumbling reporter Clark Kent than meets the eye… By day Kent files copy at the bustling Daily Planet newspaper office. By night he fights crime as the indestructible force for all things good, aka Superman.

A colossal catalogue of bonus features are to be spread across the pack including Making-of documentaries for all five films, trailers, director commentaries, screen tests for the original cast, extended cuts and special features celebrating the legacy of this universally loved phenomenon.

With a Spiderman revamp, The Dark Night Rises and a new Superman on the way it’s definitely an exciting time for comic book fans, and this box set is the perfect warm-up.

TheHDRoom has a complete breakdown of all the features, and we’ve embedded the trailer below.

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