Indiana Jones’ Blu-ray debut getting rave reviews ahead of October release

We’ve been talking about the upcoming Indiana Jones Blu-ray box-set for some time here at the Blu-ray Disc Reporter and with the October release in just around the corner, it’s great to see the films getting fantastic reviews already.

ScreenRant has taken a good look at the box set, which you can read in full here. The high definition, frame-by-frame restoration comes in for particular praise, saying that watching Raiders of the Lost Ark is “like seeing the movie for the first time”, and that “you could literally replace the original production year of 1981 with 2012, show the Blu-ray, and those “not in-the-know” may not be any the wiser.” The new surround sound mix is also well-received, with the reviewing saying it “brings a whole new immersion into the films”.

We absolutely cannot wait for this one to come out and it’s very near the top of our (ever expanding) Blu-ray wish list.


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