IFA 2010 round-up: Sony

Yesterday, Sony held its press conference at¬†IFA 2010. Sony¬†CEO, Howard Stringer, made several announcements in his keynote speech, and as expected¬†3D was the main focus – ¬†with the entire press conference being filmed in 3D. Here’s¬†a lowdown of¬†some of¬†the news:¬†
Sony showcases prototype 3D Vaio Laptops
The 3D Vaio Laptop prototypes on show at IFA (although not on-sale until at least 2011) boasted fast-response LCD screens displaying up to 240fps which give greater 3D quality. The 3D laptops will have full HD resolution and use the frame-sequential 3D display method to deliver full HD images to each eye via active shutter glasses.
Which has the full story and a video demonstration.
PS3 3D will be available in October
Sony also announced that PS3 will be getting the ability to play 3D Blu-ray discs by the end of October, a little later than the original September timeframe. Although no official date was given, PS3 owners will no doubt be excited by the news. Pocket-Lint has more details.
3D projectors offer the ultimate home cinema experience
Sony announced the¬†VPL-VW90ES¬†, a¬†3D home projector for the ultimate movie fan. The projectors, which work with Sony’s active glasses technology (found in the¬†Bravia television range) offer¬†Full¬†HD¬†1080p¬†3D projection, and¬†handle¬†2D to¬†3D conversion. Gizmodo has a closer look.¬†

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