I, Robot to touch down on Blu-ray 3D

An image of the 20th Century Fox Logo20th Century Fox has announced plans to begin converting a selection of its movies into Blu-ray 3D, beginning with the futuristic thriller I, Robot.

The science-fiction flick set in 2035 sees Will Smith immersed in a world where robots are mankind’s new best friend. Programmed with three unbreakable laws, huge advancements have been made, but when Smith investigates the death of a close friend he begins to believe a robot may be responsible. A release date and special features have yet to be confirmed but when they are, we’ll be sure to bring you all the details.

With recent BD 3D releases such as Beauty and the Beast, Thor and Hugo selling big, Titanic 3D embracing waves of fans in cinemas and the first 3D Olympics around the corner, it appears 2012 will be a big another year for 3D.

For more info on I, Robot check out Cnet.

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