Home Cinema Buyer: “Blu-ray is the way to go”

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While the advantages of Blu-ray Disc over DVD are clear to many, there are those still to make the jump from DVD. Upscaling DVD players are also often wrongly assumed to offer an HD experience that can rival BD.

With this in mind, Home Cinema Buyer has a great article comparing DVD to Blu-ray Disc. Using Terminator Salvation on Blu-ray Disc and upscaled DVD, they compare all aspects of the experience, from picture quality and audio to start-up time.

In short, Blu-ray was judged overwhelmingly to be the winner. They note that the sharpness and picture quality of Terminator Salvation on the Blu-ray player was instantly noticeable, while the uncompressed DTS audio was in a different league to the DVD.

The article concludes with the following verdict: As much as we love the DVD format (and we do really, really love DVD!), it has had its day now – Blu-ray is the way to go.

Head over to Home Cinema Buyer to read the full post.

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