Hereafter – reviewed on Blu-ray

The tech wizards at Den of Geek took some time out recently to review Clint Eastwood’s thriller Hereafter on Blu-ray, starring Matt Damon.

The supernatural tale follows three separate storylines: George (Damon), a tortured psychic who battles to live with his ability to communicate with the dead, Marie, a French journalist who survives the Asian tsunami, and Marcus, a young London boy, who loses his twin brother in a heartbreaking accident.

So what did Den of Geek make of the Blu-ray?

“The video and sound are excellent (with Clint’s guitar score sounding exceedingly crisp in 5.1 DTS), and the opening tsunami scene making full use of Blu-ray’s technical abilities”.

They were also quick to praise the extras which see Eastwood and Damon examining various aspects of the production, from the visual effects to the film’s subject matter.

However, for Den of Geek, the highlight was the “excellent and expanded 90-minute documentary, ‘The Eastwood Factor’. Covering Clint’s incredible career (and shown in full HD), the film is worth buying for this documentary alone.”

The conclusion? An impressive 4/5 stars. You can check out their full review here.

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