Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition spooks on Blu-ray

Anchor Bay has announced an Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of horror masterpiece Halloween to celebrate thirty five years since its original release. The Anniversary Edition Blu-ray will be available from the 24th September.

Director John Curtis practically invented the slasher genre with Halloween back in 1978. The classic story opens as Michael Myers (Tony Moran) returns home to a small town in mid-Western America fifteen years after he murdered his sister when he was just six years old. The suspense in the movie builds as Michael begins to wreak havoc in his home town.

The Anniversary Edition will come with a whole host of features, including an all-new commentary track with writer/director John Carpenter and star Jamie Lee Curtis. There will also be some behind the scenes footage from the film’s location, as well as TV and radio spots.

For further details, check out IGN.

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