George Lucas’ American Graffiti comes highly rated

All too often director George Lucas is only acknowledged for his work on the Star Wars Saga, which is a shame as his incredible talent as a filmmaker and producer on so many other movies tends to be overshadowed by the sci-fi juggernaut. One shining example of his exceptional filmmaking talent is American Graffiti, which was recently reviewed by US website Big Shiny Robot in the run up to its release on Blu-ray Disc throughout Europe on July 25th.

Described as ‘a must have for any serious cinephile’ the coming of age drama stars Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard and Harrison Ford as teenagers cruising the streets during the early 1960s. Told in a series of vignettes, the movie charts their adventures across one memorable night.

Amongst its powerful direction and superb cast performances, Big Shiny Robot certainly believes this release has all the ingredients needed to make it a successful recipe for Blu-ray.

‘One of the biggest reasons this release is perfect is the quality of picture. George Lucas personally oversaw the digital cleanup work on this film and it is one of the best looking Blu-rays I’ve ever scene.’

And what about the bonus features on offer?

‘Another great thing about this release is the behind the scenes documentaries. George Lucas has always provided incredibly insightful and inspiring documentaries for his material and this is no exception.’

So what’s the overall verdict?

‘All in all, this is a must have. Buy it. Now.’

Sound convincing? Click here for the full review.

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