Finding Nemo picks up rave 3DBD review

When you settle down to watch a Pixar movie, you know you’re in for some great storytelling and fantastic animation.

Finding Nemo, the story of a timid clownfish named Marlin searching for his missing son, was Pixar’s highest grossing film upon release. We wanted to see what the critics made of the Ultimate Collectors’ 3D Blu-ray edition and it wasn’t long before we stumbled across entertainment website’s glowing review.

What did they make of the Blu-ray picture?

“The ocean and all its wares are in such full glorious view here that you almost forget its computer created. This release not only sees the flick made more lush with a Blu-ray version, but there’s also glorious 3D capability for the avid fan.” 

The 3D also comes in for specific praise:

“In a 3D format, the sounds, sights and overall underwater colour palette has never popped more.  Should you buy this one?  Finding Nemo was made for 3D.”

Overall, Starpulse says that with Finding Nemo 3D on Blu-ray, “a five star film with five star extras just got better.”It doesn’t get much better than that! For the full review, check out

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