Fear and Desire is out of the shadows and coming to Blu-ray

Fear and Desire, Stanley Kubrick’s rare, first feature film is one of the most highly-coveted films ever made. Supressed heavily during his lifetime, Kubrick fought against any screening of the film, with the influential filmmaker even taking prints out of circulation. The good news for Kubrick fans is that the film has been restored, with plans to release it on Blu-ray from 23rd October.

Fear and Desire is a war film about squad soldiers who have crash-landed behind enemy lines and must work their way downriver to re-join their unit. In the process the squad confronts their humanity in desperate situations, setting the tone for Kubrick’s later classic explorations of the human psyche in a war zone.

Kino Lorber Inc. will be releasing the film, which has been restored by the Library of Congress for Audio Visual Conservation for optimal high-definition viewing. Kino Lorber’s CEO Richard Lorber commented: “Kino Lorber is immensely grateful to the talented team at the Library of Congress for brilliantly restoring such a key work in the history of American cinema”.

SlashFilm has the full rundown here.

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