Everything will be awesome when The Lego Movie hits Blu-ray

The Lego Movie, one of 2014’s critically acclaimed box office smashes, is on its way to Blu-ray. An exact European date hasn’t been set, but Warner Bros has revealed details and packshots for a variety of different Blu-ray packages.

The self-proclaimed “greatest movie ever assembled” sees ordinary Lego guy Emmet (Chris Pratt) mistaken for the Master Builder, a legendary figure who can save the universe. With the aid of an old mystic Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), a tough young lady named Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), and Batman (Will Arnett), Emmet will fight to defeat the evil tyrant Lord Business (Will Ferrell) who is bent on destroying the universe by gluing it together. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (behind recent comedic highlights Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street), the film has wowed audiences from all over the world.

When it hits Blu-ray later this year, expect to see three different packs on shelves. As well as a pack comprising a standard 2D Blu-ray plus digital UltraViolet copy, there’ll be a version including a Blu-ray 3D, and then a limited “Everything Is Awesome” edition (pictured) which adds a DVD copy, Vitruvius minifigure and a collectible 3D Emmet photo.

Special features are yet to be confirmed, but with such stunningly created visuals this is one we’re already looking forward to seeing at home in high definition.

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