Dumbo takes flight on Blu-ray this September

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced Dumbo will be released on Blu-ray Disc for the first time on 20th September in a special 70th Anniversary Edition.

This timeless adventure follows the courageous tale of baby elephant Dumbo, who uses his oversized ears to soar to fame with the help of his best friend.

The beloved Oscar winning tale has delighted audiences around the world for decades, but the studio faced a daunting task converting the film back to its original pristine condition. Having consulted the Library of Congress for the best approach, the team began a painstaking and complicated process to restore the original colour and sound settings to match those approved by Walt Disney himself back in 1941.

Bonus features will include, games, galleries, documentary ‘Celebrating Dumbo’ as well as never-before seen animations ‘The Flying Mouse’ and ‘Elmer Elephant’, deleted scenes and a musical number cut from the final release.

For more details and the official BD trailer visit ToonZone.

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